Social Media Gone…

No idea if anyone reads my blogs anymore but anyhow….

Couple of days ago I decided I’d had enough of social media and decided to delete Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, I have realised that it really isn’t the place it used to be full of fun and nonsense yes the odd argument, fight and blocking but nowadays it’s used as a platform to push agendas and has become a vile place to be due to politics, sexism, racism and many other ‘ism’s.

For me Social Media was always a place to connect and I have done with many people all over the world be it U2 fans, Erasure fans, Running people and many many others but even then I started to not really enjoy things because the world has changed massively over the past few years and not for the better.

Sadly I lost touch with some folk some of it my own doing some of it because of something I’d done or said and it goes to show that when you can’t see a persons face or reactions things can easily be misconstrued on social media and many a time it has been.

I suppose I started to ponder giving it up when I had a Facebook “cull” and deleted a few folk one person in particular stood out and it was nothing Personal it was just I felt we were not communicating anymore and I kinda figured the person didn’t really bother about me anymore (yes yes a bit self centred I know) and I suppose I do regret that I deleted the person and if that person see’s this they will know who I mean and I apologise if I pissed you off but you were the ignition for me to realise that social media needed to be removed from my life and I hope you can forgive me.

There were many people in my life both personally and social media wise and I’m a lucky guy to have know a few great people who I hope to meet up with now and again, but now as I sit with headphones on with U2’s The Joshua Tree on full blast I’m feeling quite nostalgic but also quite emotional (or emulsional as my friend Suzie would say) as the last 4 months have been very life draining for Kerry, the kids and I so this will give me more time to focus on the family too as its amazing how much time social media takes up.

So in closing I’ll say I will miss Dawn, Val, Gibbo, Suzie, Marie, Mulls, Jonny, John (Mr H) , Tillie, Laura, Kelly, Carol, Monica, Tina, Georgia and Leonie as these people were with me at the very start, although there are many many more these are the people who I pretty much started my social media life with and it’s only fitting they are named and shamed 😜




Capital Sci-Fi Con 2017

Last year the family and I visited Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh for our first ever Comic Con and we had a brilliant time, so we booked tickets for this years and once again an Immense event once again happened.

People think that these sort of events are only for people who are “nerds” or “geeks” but nothing could be further from the truth as there are people from all walks of life here.

One of the most outstanding things from last year was that the event raised over £37,000 for Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) and this year all proceeds are going to them again which in itself is a marvellous gesture.

This weekends event was really busy with well over 6,000 visitors and plenty dressed up as their favourite characters and here is where people can feel free and comfortable to dress up no matter age, size, sex etc and the only time they will be judged by anyone is during the fantastic Cosplay competition which once again was great fun and absolutely stunning.

And with special guests like Hannah Spearitt, Spencer Wilding (Darth Vader) , Mark Silk, Nathalie Cuzner, Jon Davey and many more there were plenty opportunities for photos and autographs.

Everyone who “works” at the event does so voluntarily and I tip my hat to them as some were running on 9 hours sleep in 3 days and they all deserve any and all praise for their hard work and dedication. Special nods to Keith Armour, Scott Harwood, Falgun Thaker, Des O’Gorman and Rik Carranza.

Anything that makes my children happy is fine by me and this event certainly brings a massive smile to their faces.

So hopefully the organisers will get a well deserved rest but secretly I hope they are planning 2018’s event already 😜 (Although I reckon they’ll be out to smack me one for that 😂)

Well done to all.

Training Starts Tomorrow.

So Tuesday see’s the start of 16 weeks of training for the Edinburgh Marathon which is going to take great effort, dedication and hard work.

I can hear folk saying “well loads of people have done marathons before you” and yes they have but my mind and body have been through so much over the past few years that as far as I’m concerned I’m running in the first ever one 😜

So while I’ll be working full time, doing kickboxing AND training I will have my hands full but I’m determined to do this.

I’ll be blogging and making wee videos when I can 😀 

Edinburgh Marathon Blog.

So May 28th will see me embark on my first ever Marathon run and at the moment I am looking forward to it, I will be running (hopefully) 26.2 miles from Edinburgh to Musselburgh via Portobello, Prestonpans, Seaton Sands and various other places.

I am fundraising for Alzheimer Scotland and at the moment including Gift Aid I am over the £300 mark which is amazing and if you wish to donate you can here 

I will try and keep blogging and vlogging as much as I can during the training 

2016 Shit for Some…Awesome for Me.

So 2016 eh… Many many people have said what a shit year it’s been and in a way yes it has been I’ve seen so many childhood heroes pass away this year and to those I say thank you for giving me awesome memories.
However 2016 has turned out to be an incredibly great year for me personally, I have achieved so much along with Kerry Dickson and my kids we got up to all sorts this year.
In March Kerry and I were in London to see Andy Bell Ivan Gifford in the 2nd Torsten show and it was epic and afterwards we got pictures with Andy and Barney Ashton-Bullock and spent a great couple of days discovering London with memories we will never ever forget and I thank Barney and Andy for it.
I also had some great times doing radio including having Robin Mitchell Aiden Goatley, Liam Rudden Alan Longmuir in the studio and phone chats live on air with Neil Henry (still slayed me that one) David Paton from the band Pilot and many others mostly thanks to Alan Stuart Dingsdale for setting a lot of them up, and also getting together with Patrick Monahan, Abi Roberts Charlie Abrahamson and Neil Henry, and a few more during the Edinburgh Fringe.
I went on my first ever helicopter flight, went Aqua Zorbing, started Kickboxing classes, ran the Scottish Half Marathin, the Kilomathon, The Great Edinburgh Run, and Men’s Edinburgh 10k, I also abseiled off the Forth Rail Bridge (thanks to my brother George Dickson for letting me know about that one), we went on an awesome family summer holiday to France with Brenda Mcphillips , Al McPhillips, Ross McPhillips .
Made some great new friends Simon Skinner Mark Shelter Bebb oh and not forgetting Jonathan Grant 😂
I also voted for the bus wanker party thanks to Andrew Love

We also went to Meadowbank to the Sci-Fi Con 2016 and from that Cobi made friends with Jimmy Vee Dave Prowse and Ross Mullen meanwhile I had Keith Armour Scott Harwood and Falgun Thaker in the studio for mega chats and music but never did find out about Keith’s Star Wars room…. 2017 sees the event returning and YOU should go it’s bloody awesome.
We done so much this year and are looking forward to doing more and more in 2017 and I really hope every single one of you go out and live your life to the fullest next year because we only have one life so live it bloody well.
All the best to you all from Kerry, Robyn, Blaine, Cobi and myself.

I Ran With The Gang Review

I went to Le Monde with my wife Kerry to see this show which is the story of The Origional Bay City Roller Alan Longmuir and was treated to a great hour of nostalgia given that I am old enough (Just 😉) to remember Rollermania.

In this hour long show we are given the story of how an Edinburgh plumber started one of THE biggest bands in Scottish music with the young Alan played brilliantly by Stephen Arthur it takes us through the roots of the band, the success, the break up and the reunion with many snippets of Rollers songs mixed with dialogue we learn a lot about the band.

Stephen Humpage plays a few rolls in this production including Les McKeown and has the audience in laughter a few times, and also has a great singing voice but more on that soon.

John McColl plays a few parts too including ex manager Tam Paton and actually plays the part convincingly.

The finale to the show sees Alan Longmuir join the cast for a good old singalong of Rollers hits and the crowd are on their feet singing and dancing which was wonderful to see and the last ten minutes is a Q&A with Alan which i think is a nice touch.

For the singalong Stephen Humpage tales the lead and can fairly belt out a tune and had the crowd Rocking and Rolling in the aisles.

A great night of nostalgic fun I Ran With The Gang gets a well deserve 5***** from me.
Barry Dickson.

Grant Stott Tales From Behind The Mic Review

Grant Stott has always been someone I’ve looked up to in radio and I’ve been a fan of the stage shows he has been in especially Kiss Me Honey Honey and Canned Laughter where he starred alongside Scottish legends Andy Gray (Kiss Me)  and Allan Stewart (Canned Laughter) so doing a solo show came as something as a surprise to me.

Playing in The Dining Room at The Gilded Balloon during the Edinburgh Fringe you are treated to one hour of brilliant storytelling as Grant regales the audience with stories from his days in the Police, Radio and other things from his life.

It is a well put together, well crafted show and is very funny indeed and even more so when you remember some of the things Grant talks about such as Coasters/Outer Limits and Father Andy on The Open Line and some of the stories from his life in radio are extremely funny indeed.

All in all a great hour which flew past too quickly and had the audience laughing very loudly it is well worth the ticket price.

Grant Stott Tales FromBehind The Mic gets 5***** from me the big man tells a guid tale.

Barry Dickson