Ideas for Package…….

So sitting today thinking of ideas for my 3-4 minute package for my radio course.

ideas so far:

1. My son is being tested for Autism/ Aspergers maybe speaking to him, teacher, head teacher and educational psychologist on school stuff and how having this condition may affect his education if he is diagnosed with any of these conditions.????

2. The Winter Wonderland celebrations in Prince Street Gardens.

3. Disney Store working for the Disney Company

4. A day in the life of a professional football player

5. The David Mach exhibition at the City Art Centre although it finishes on 16th October maybe outwith my reach timescale wise.

These ideas have come some from own experience (my son, my wife works in Disney Store and i work at The City Art Centre).

The Winter Wonderland idea came about from the Edinburgh Evening News story regarding the person running Winter Wonderland has allegedly defaulted on debts and will not run it anymore i’d like to find an angle where whoever is coming in to run it (if indeed it is going to happen this year) and maybe get an interview with said person, people who use Winter Wonderland and also someone from Edinburgh Council. I think this one may be ideal for the package as it will contain noises etc from Winter Wonderland and hopefully can place the listener there.

The footballer idea is just something swimming about my head just now i need to think if this would be possible.

i am hoping to think of a clear music one to do but as of yet i am pretty cloudy on this one i’ve got 1 or 2 things going round my head hopefully it may clear away and leave me with something.


2 thoughts on “Ideas for Package…….

  1. My last post seems a tad redundant now. I like the way you have brought all your ideas to the table. what we now have to see id the reasoning behind you picking one of those ideas. It could be that one really shines or you look at how the others don’t really work. Remember that you should be thinking about radio, what idea would work best on radio. You can also think about what radio station you want to broadcast on and see which of these ideas works best for that station and its target audience.
    Just remember to show your reasoning.

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