More Ideas….

Today i thought abou football and something a friend asked on Facebook struck a chord with me “would you like to see alcohol back in Scotlands football grounds….good question i reckon.

Also there has been plenty of talk about bringing back the Scotland V England football matches i could do something on that.

i will give myself to the end of this coming week to have 2 solid ideas and start putting the work in to achieve them.


2 thoughts on “More Ideas….

  1. again good to see youo noting down your ideas. so to make the top two just show why you picked them baring in mind it is a package for radio.

    • just another quick question when does the package have to be done by becuase if i am to do the winter wonderland one for my 3-4 minute i’d need to have that done before the event fishes in early january i would think????

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