Package Decision

Ok so i have decided to do 2 packages (as per the tutors suggestion) the first one will be “should alcohol be allowed back in Scottish Football???”

The 2nd will be “Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland”

So for the first one Alcohol has been banned from Scottish football grounds since 1980 when after a Scottish cup final Rangers and Celtic fans rioted on the pitch and alcohol was blamed as a major catalyst to this. Now though with most stadiums now all seated and security etc better than it was all those years ago is it time fans could enjoy a drink at a game or should it stay as it is??…..i will hope to talk to the following to get a broad perspective on this.

1. fans
2. clubs (hibs and/or hearts)
4.G4s security

hopefully if i can speak to all corners of this and get a decent wide range of views i think it would make for a good package.

Now number 2 package.

Winter Wonderland which runs during the Edinburgh Christmas celebrations will need a new manager as the person who was running it has “left” i do not want to get into the why’s and why nots regarding this but get a more fun side to it and i plan on actually being there with a zoom mike to record folk having fun there maybe interview folk using the facilities, the people operating the facilities and maybe someone from Edinburgh Council to comment on the year on year enjoyment people seem to get from the Winter Wonderland. i may try and interview folk while on the big wheel or indeed ice skating (which i am not very good at).

anyway these are my topics and i will be using the internet for a lot of my research but also talking to friends of mine who remember the cause of the alcohol ban in football. i have found a link to a story about it and there will be lots more i am sure. This is one of the links to the story.

i am sure both would work on a radio show, however the football one would be more radio Scotland and the Winter Wonderland could cover a few stations commercial or otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Package Decision

  1. These appear to be well thought out and good ideas for your packages, I believe both would indeed work well on the radio. Best of luck on the project. I look forward to seeing how it all comes together 🙂

  2. Now remember you only need to do one package for the formative graded unit and one for the summative. So we only need on package from you. the question nowe is which one. also you say they will both work on radio but why? what do you think you can do in these packages that will make them work on radio?

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