so i have decided on packages i think however the football one would be better placed for the 9 minute package we will do as opposed to the 3-4 minute one i will speak to the tutor and see what he thinks of that. i am on holiday for the next 3 weeks so i will start doing my research as soon as i have discussed the best option first as i don’t want to have the football one rushed into 3-4 minutes because i think i will need a longer segment for it. we will see what happens.


2 thoughts on “suffering…

  1. Are you off for 3 weeks?
    which one do you think would work best? have a serious think. i think they are both fine ideas but which one do you think you could make into the better package?

    • yes i am off for 3 weeks from work i am hoping to get quite a bit done before i return to work. i do firmly believe that the football one is the better one for the package and would work well on say Radio Scotland or Real Radio Football Phone In but and heres the issue because someone else has to present the package i am unsure as to who i could get to present it from within the class no dis-respect to them but most if not all were born after 1980 so would have no knowledge of the incident etc i would probably have to look outside of the class. whereas the winter wonderland one would be good for Forth 1 & 2 and there are a couple of people i have in mind who could present that one for me i just need to make a final decision based on all the reasons cited.

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