so ideas formulated…….i think.

just going over my ideas again i think the football idea would be a great one to do for Radio Scotland or indeed a show like the Real Radio football phone in. the reason i came up with this in the first place is that i am part of a footbal page on Facebook and some of the guys were discussing how you can buy an alcoholic beverage at most sporting events and that they would like to see the ban lifted the good thing is i know these guys so they were discussing it on a sensible level, it also rang a bell with me because as a 11 year old boy as i was at the time it is still very clear in my head the incident that took place which led to alcohol being banned from Scottish football grounds i was sitting watching the Scottish Cup Final with my father when the rioting broke out i still remember the large white horse in the middle of it all and the police officer doing a grand job trying to keep control as it seemed hell had descended on Hampden Park that day.

So the question being is a 31 year ban long enough should football fans be trusted to have a good time at the football and enjoy a drink while there???…..but the recent incident at Tynecastle where Celtic Manager Neil Lennon was “accosted” by someone who blamed alcohol as a factor be yet another negative point against it????.

As for the winter wonderland the idea came about due to reading the Edinburgh Evening News story about the person running the event has quit and although that may be a story in itself i’d prefer to do a lighthearted article on it and how successful it is for Edinburgh, i would like to interview people on The Big Wheel, Ice Skating and doing other various activities.

One thought on “so ideas formulated…….i think.

  1. Good to be looking at what story would work for what station and in the summative work you will of course have decided on the station and style at the very beginning, but also good work on the exposition of where the idea comes from and why it could be relevant now. also good to be thinking about an over all tome to the package, light heartered hard hitting etc.

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