package update….

so after discussions with the tutor i will do my 3-4 minute package on Winter Wonderland which is part of Edinburgh’s Christmas celebrations in Prince’s Street Gardens. this is a link to the official website.

so i will now work on this for the next few weeks doing all the groundwork and getting everything ready so that i have plenty time to record on site, hopefully as suggested last night i can do interviews and recordings while actually using the facilities as i think this would give the package a great sound for radio of all the noises that the place will give and that should transfer onto radio well and give the listener the feeling of “being there”

i also need to decide on presenter led or montage i think i will go with the montage as it will just be people talking and the sounds of the Winter Wonderland.

i will look to speak to a lot of different people from the organisers, to the ride operators and of course the public i would also like to speak to Edinburgh Councils Steve Cardownie as he is Edinburgh’s “event champion” i think it would be important to secure his thoughts as after all it is a Council run event and it would be good to find out how successful it is for Edinburgh year in year out.

i will of course be researching on the internet and using other resources for this.

This next link gives dates etc for this years event so it’s a great thing that it starts in November which is great as it gives me decent space to get this right……fingers crossed.So i have just signed up to receive emails from Edinburgh’s Christmas so should get some good info from there.

i have also just contacted them to ask for the contact details of the fairground ride operators, the big wheel operators, the ice rink operators and the german market operators.

Interesting link to Edinburgh’s Ice Rink…..


One thought on “package update….

  1. Only one thing to add to a very good post is why chose the story you did, why did you think of the two options you had this one was the best for radio?
    excellent points about the actuality and the sense of putting the listener ‘in’ the winter wonder land.

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