Great stuff

I got an email from Councillor Cardownies office and he has agreed to do an interview with me in regards to Winter Wonderland, he is basically the top guy in Edinburgh Council for this event so i think it is a great coup to get some time with him to do this.

I am thinking of having him at the beginning of the “package” kind of introducing exactly what Winter Wonderland is and also at the end of the “package” telling us what the future holds for the event i.e. expansion etc. i want to keep it light and enjoyable and don’t really want to get into the negatives of the event.

i am aiming to interview Councillor Cardownie hopefully the first week of November which is in the run up to the event so i need to get cracking on research and zoom mic training.

Also the tutor has given me a wee bit of advice with regards to it being a presenter led “package” i thought of doing montage but i think i will take the advice given and go for presenter led, now the only thing is i can’t present this myself someone else has to do that so i will need someone i can trust and that i know will do a great job on this but as it would probably be impossible to get Stephen Fry or Brian Blessed i may ask someone from the course….lol……or maybe even the tutor….ha ha.

i have the whole of this coming week off college and work so i hope t have a good chunk of work done by next weekend.

Also started my presentation today got a couple of slides done just need to balance colours etc right to make it look good.

5 thoughts on “Great stuff

  1. Sounds like it’s coming together, perhaps Stephen Fry or Brian Blessed will find your blog and offer their presentation skills!! 😉 best of luck with it 😀

  2. again define what the disscussions where and why you think it would be best to go with presenter. Also for the summative work technically I won’t be teaching you it, it will all be your own work and I should have no input so you will need to write up these ideas as if from you.
    good points about why you want to talk to the councillor, what you want to get from him and already thinking about your story arc. good work

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