More and More…

Ok so am literally just off the phone to M&D’s Scotland’s biggest theme park as they supply the big wheel and other fairground rides for Winter Wonderland i was given the email of one of the bosses so i have zipped an email off asking if i could interview her hopefully not too long before i get a reply.

On the downside to all of this it has been reported in today’s Edinburgh Evening News that the ice-rink may not happen this year which is a big blow not only to me but to the event itself as it is a very popular attraction.

link to story.

so if this does not go ahead it will be a bit off as i was planning on doing an onsite interview with folk while ice-skating myself. If however the ice-rink does not go ahead i’ll just come up with something else.
One thing i am having trouble with is finding user stats for the past few years there does not seem to be any available online so i’ll need to dig a little deeper.

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