More Stuff…..

So more on my 3-4 minute package. Still waiting for some people to contact me i will give them until Wednesday and then contact them again as these people would be really good for the package.

Great thing today i found out if i include a phone interview for my package then that will count toward the assessment we do for phone interviews so i need to think seriously about doing this as it would be a good thing to get that part done also as part of this package.

All i really need now is confirmation of dates to do interviews and for Edinburgh’s Christmas to get up and running if all done properly i could have my package ready for the end of November which would be great.

2 thoughts on “More Stuff…..

  1. Again good to show that you are on top of things ie you have not had a reply from some people so rather than let it carry on you are taking charge and making things happen.

    • Thanks, i get quite annoyed when i email or contact people and they do not respond i find it rude and something i would hope i never do……the good thing is i should hopefully have 2 decent interviews with shesgottit and Councillior Cardownie and if M&D’s don’r get back in touch no great loss because i will be speaking to the public etc on site.

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