I have just had a “nudge” with regards to the event management company i will be interviewing as part of my “package” the company is an offshoot of AJA and is called shesgottit;

They seem to do other Christmas events in other towns/cities this is the Edinburgh page

Anyway the ladies name that i will be interviewing is Jacqueline Wallace she is one of the Event Team Managers and she was very happy to speak to me on the phone and said she will meet with me no problem in November as she will be in Edinburgh to oversee the Edinburgh’s Christmas stuff being erected in Princes Street Gardens, she also gave me her personal email address and asked me to contact her at the beginning of Novemeber to finalise date etc…..i may just buy her a coffee for this…

So this is the company that is managing the event on behalf of Edinburgh Council and i will be asking what is it like to manage an event this size and how they perceive the Edinburgh publics view of the whole thing from and event management point of view (hope that made sense),.

i’m putting this under health and safety as well because i may speak about that aspect to Jacqueline.


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