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So i need to decide which radio station i would theoretically like my package to be broadcast on i think the best station would be Forth 1 and Forth 2 as Radio Forth are a big sponsor of this event and is also the local “big” radio station in Edinburgh as Forth 1 reaches  349,000 people each week and Forth 2 reaches 97,000 people each week

(source Media U.K)

I have found some good videos on Edinburgh’s Christmas this will give people a good idea of what it is all about and maybe why i picked this as a subject as you can see there’s is a lot to it and hopefully it will show how good and great fun this event is…..

First off is a video from 2010’s Edinburgh’s Christmas which is greatly enhanced by the severe snowfall during December which made the event all the more spectacular…… incorporates Edinburgh city centre as opposed to just the Edinburgh’s Christmas event in Princes Street Gardens

The second video is more event based and also has a good walk through the German Christmas Market again a lot of it is enhanced by the snow and does make for a true Christmas scene.


On further examination of this i think the best station would be Forth 2 although they may have the smaller listening figures it may actually mean a better target audience for this package as a lot of people who listen to Forth 2 are people like myself who have children of an age where they can go to this event as a family, certainly the music i have chosen would be ideal for Forth 2 as the music is from a bygone era and will get decent airtime around Christmas by Forth 2 whereas Forth 1 would maybe play one or two of the songs listed, i would like to stick by the songs i have chosen as these are the songs i have grown up with and these are the songs i play to my children in the run-up to Christmas.

The pace of the package would still be a decent pace not too fast as to not understand it but not too slow as to get bored of it.

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  1. so can you condense what information you got from those links and say how making a package for Forth 2 will alter your package eg pace, music, target audience etc.

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