Let Down.

I feel very let down at the moment one of the company’s i had hoped to speak to have not had the courtesy to contact me back after i phoned and emailed, i find it really rude when this happens because if you take the time out to call someone, text someone or email someone they should be polite enough to reply even if it is to tell you they can’t do anything for you….manners cost nothing.

Anyway i had another idea for part of the “package” Sue Bruce has recently been appointed Chief Executive f Edinburgh Council so i emailed her office to ask if i could interview her as this will be her first Edinburgh’s Christmas as head of the Council i am hoping she says yes and i could maybe set it up as a phone interview as i know she is a very busy person (as i work for the council i know these things), so hopefully this comes good.

Also i finished my presentation tonight i hope it will be ok it’s not a thing i am used to doing but theres pretty coulours and nice pictures in it.


2 thoughts on “Let Down.

  1. Excellent, you should always be looking for other people to interview, as you never know who might just say no to you so good stuff for seeking out other people, even if they don’t initally get back to you you should take it easy and keep on to them until you get a definitive answer.

    • Thanks i am really enjoying doing this and really looking forward to starting the interviews etc. i will call the new contact i have tomorrow and maybe if i can get an appointment with them for wednesday i can speak to the P.R company after Councillor Cardownie.

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