Kinda Excited……

I have my first interview for my package sorted now. Councillor Steve Cardownie is meeting me on Wednesday 8th November 2.30pm at the City Chambers in Edinburgh no less better get meself a new frock…lol

Having a wee bit of a struggle to come up with 10 questions though i did have 10 but reviewing them i would feel a bit silly asking them as i want this to be good and not have him think “who’s this idiot” so i have 5 questions and i am aiming for another 5 and of course his office have asked for a copy of the questions before we meet which the tutor said would happen.


i will be emailing Jaqualine from shesgottit soon to firm up arrangements and also i found the phone number and address of the PR company in Edinburgh that is dealing with publicity for the event so will give them a call this week.

anyways wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Kinda Excited……

  1. So teel us what those questions are. Ity is helpful to think about what you want from the interviewee, what angle or information do you want/need them to talk about focus your questions on that. remember this is what you have to come back to the studio with.

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