So questions….

Below are the questions i will be asking Councillor Cardownie when i meet with him this Wednesday the questions are quite lighthearted i think and that’s the way i want this whole package to be. Also Sam Smith from the course has agreed to be the presenter on this i like Sam’s voice and think it would fit this nicely.

As i say the questions are quite light and i think fun. There is only 8 questions because i need to think about timescales to fit the other stuff in i will pick the best answers and maybe use 4 or 5 of the questions for the package…..maybe less.

Questions For Councillor Cardownie.

1. You have been a councillor since Edinburgh’s Christmas’s inception how many years has it been going for now?

2. What is your role within Edinburgh’s Christmas?

3. How has it changed in all the time you have been involved?

4. What is the best part of it for you?

5. If there was one thing you could have that is not already there what would it be?

6. Would you like to see the event being expanded if so in what way or if not why not?

7. What can we expect to see this year?

8. Are there any surprises (you can tell us) this year compared to previous years?


One thought on “So questions….

  1. so why would her voice fit your package and the station? telling us here n the blog lets us give you marks for your choices.Looks all good, again think about the focus you want from the interview and thus this will influence your core questions.

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