New contact

so i have just sent an email to the P.R firm dealing with Edinburgh’s Christmas it is a firm called Porter Novelli and they are based in Hanover Street in Edinburgh i have sent a message saying the following:

i was wondering if anyone would be free to have a quick chat about the P.R side of this event?. i am interviewing Councillor Steve Cardownie on Wednesday about the event and was rather hopeful of maybe asking someone a few questions. the piece will be fun and lighthearted and not about facts figures etc just pretty much what P.R is involved with this event.

Many Thanks

Barry Dickson.

Hopefully they get back to me a.s.a.p and maybe i could speak to them pretty much straight after Councillor Cardownie as they are not too far apart in town.

this is thier website which has a cracking picture of the big wheel in motion.

One thought on “New contact

  1. what youmight have wanted to add was a few details actually on the package and talk about hhow you are looking to promote or advertise the event and thus entice them into talking to you. It also makes you look much more professional more than saying ‘A wee chat’ ‘doing a piece’. It all helps.

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