Getting nowhere

i feel i have to a standstill with this package i have fired out emails to firm up dates for interviews and i am still awaiting replies, these are from people who already agreed to be interviewed by me and it now makes my target of 30th November for it all to be done and dusted pretty unachievable now which is quite annoying, however i will carry on and get what i can on the opening night i may actually just interview the public on that night and not really bother with the folk i said i would in my presentation.

or maybe i will give it until the end of this week and maybe think of a different package to do i will have to give this some serious consideration.

One thought on “Getting nowhere

  1. I have not read on as yet but I think it would be far to late to commence another package. I think it is a fine subject and has great potential. If you come to this point in the summative package merely think about what you can do to advance the subject eg phone the potential interviewees and try and push it forward.

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