great i have a phone interview set up for this coming Tuesday 22nd November at 1pm with Sue Bruce Chief Executive for Edinburgh Council, i have sent her the questions which are the following:


Thank you for agreeing to do this.

I will call the number given at 1pm I will then say that I am putting the call through the system and then I will ask Sue to speak so that I can adjust volume levels etc this will only take seconds to do.

Obviously Sue is a very busy so the questions are short and hopefully sweet and the interview will only take 5 to 10 minutes maximum.



Questions For Sue Bruce. (I hope it is ok to call you Sue please let me know if this is ok)

  1. This is your first Edinburgh’s Christmas as Chief Executive how are you feeling about being Chief Executive for this?


  1. What is your role for the Council in conjunction with Edinburgh’s Christmas?



  1. You came to Edinburgh from Aberdeen and Aberdeen also have a Christmas event  do the two differ and if so in what way?


  1. What are your hopes for this event as this will be your first time for it?


  1. What are you most looking forward to trying out in Princes Street Gardens?


  1. If you could choose one thing that is not already included to be in Edinburgh’s Christmas what would it be?


Thank You


For some reason it has copied onto here as all the questions are numbered 1????….they are not like this in the email i sent.


Anyway i am hoping this goes good because 2 days after is the official opening of Edinburgh’s Christmas so i will be there to hopefully capture all the audio i need.


One thought on “interview

  1. so again we want to think about what is the particular angle we want from her?
    what part of the story do we want to cover.

    the questions are fine with
    What are your hopes for this event as this will be your first time for it? I think we can just ask what her hopes are as weather it is her first time or not is irrelevant and we want her to focus on our particular angle and thus give us the audio we want from her.

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