First Audio Done…

Feeling a lot better now after getting my first audio recorded for the package.

yesterday (18th November) i had an appointment with Duncan Fisher from Porter Novelli who are the PR and marketing company for Edinburgh’s Christmas.

Duncan is the Senior Account Executive and he gave me pretty much a full rundown of what they do for the event which goes from the website to media meetings to making and distributing the brochures, i have a good 3-4 minutes of audio from Duncan and i think if i can put it together with Sue Bruce’s phone interview with me this coming Tuesday all that will leave is for me to attend the opening night of Edinburgh’s Christmas so i should hopefully have all the audio and actuality noise i need by Thursday night. The whole thing went really well Duncan was a very clear speaker i did not have to change the gain or indeed even move the Zoom Mic to get more or less volume etc.

i have edited it to about 90seconds i think there are little blips so i will try it on protools when i am back at college on Monday,

the actual interview went great i leaned a lot about the company and the work they put into all the PR and marketing they do.

i also have some ideas regarding scripting i am thinking of starting the package off with Noddy Holders “It’s Christmas” shout from Slade’s Merry Xmas Everyone and then play the chorus from that song for a few seconds. Sam would then come in with something like “Ahhh Christmas that wonderful time of the year where families can spend time together having fun and where better to have fun than Edinburgh’s Christmas which happens in Princes Street Gardens every year”……….needs working on i know but hopefully the gist is there.

i have again asked Sam Smith if she is still ok to present the package for me and she says it is still fine, i think Sam’s voice would be well suited to what i want the package to be like.

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