Logging sheet done..

So i have completed the logging sheet for my interview with Sue Bruce i think i have done it correctly…lol

i will be cutting out a good 10 minutes or so worth of audio but i am very happy with what i have. The answers Sue gave me were very good and hopefully will make for good listening when tied in with Duncan Fisahers audio and Councillor Cardownie’s.

Logging Sheet Digital Audio Editing

Name:__Barry Dickson             Subject:Interview with Sue Bruce_                                   Assessment No:_____________

Start Time

End Time

Track ID

Content:   In and Out


0.00 2.49 Just starting the recording   checking levels etc None of this audio to be used
2.50 3.41      Barry doing introduction  and   explaining what is going to happen and then asks first question Nothing to use in here as package   is presenter led and therefore my voice will not be used asking questions.
3.41 4.22 Sue’s answer to How are you   feeling as Chief exec for 1st time at Edin Christmas. Great answer and audio will use   this answer.
4.23 7.05 A couple of questions asked, but   questions turn out not too relevant.  nothing really of note to include in   package.
7.07 7.23 Sue was asked what her hopes are   for the event this year “I think it’s an opportunity”-“have a bit of fun as   well” Great answer will use this in   package
7.24 7.52 Long answer to above question Cut some of answer out not to be   put into package
7.53 8.11 Continuation to above question “I   think several” “needy than ourselves” Great audio will include this .
8.12 10.59 Other questions and answers not   as good as others. Not useable in package
11.00 11.28 Sue mentions website “ A really   full” “All is good” Will use for package as it gives   info out about event
11.29 12.05 Finishing off interview Nothing to use here.

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