Logging Sheet.

Below is the text from the logging sheet that i ha

Logging Sheet Digital Audio Editing

Name:Barry Dickson                 Subject:Duncan Fisher Porter Novelli                                  Assessment No:_____________

Start Time

End Time

Track ID

Content:   In and Out


0.00 0.59 Duncan introduces himself and   talks about all Porter Novelli do Not using any of this audio as   most is corporate and may not be of interest to the listener
0.59 1.45 Duncan Talks about the website   and gives useful information Will use this audio as the listener   will know where to go to get information at the touch of a button or indeed   click of a mouse,.

i have done for the Duncan Fisher Audio for the package it is short but straight to the point.

Duncan was very nice to meet, he was very welcoming even though he was extremly busy as this was 3 days before Edinburgh’s Christmas opened. we met in a nice and warm office within thier building.

i did not ask him any questions as such i did however ask him if he could just tell me what Porter Novelli done in terms of P.R and Marketing for Edinburgh’s Christmas and Duncan just spoke for 2 minutes or so about it all i managed to chop it all down to Duncan talking about the website and where you can save money for the fairground and ice rink.

One thought on “Logging Sheet.

  1. You can load up your logging sheets as a word attachment. also what wa it like interviewing this guy as you don’t seem to have asked many questions? did you have any made or did you just go in with 1 question?

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