i have written a draft script which incorporates all of the audio i have so far for using in the package i am just waiting for mondays interview with Councillor Cardownie for my final piece of audio. i am quite pleased with the rough script i have done but obviously i will nedd to add to it once the interview on Monday is done and dusted, i have sent a copy to Sam for her to look over and give me any pointers she may think of as she will be the presenter of it. anyway the script is below……

Script for Edinburgh’s Christmas Package.

Presenter: Sam Smith

Producer: Robyn Cooper

Music: Slade Merry Xmas Everyone, I wish it could be Christmas everyday Wizzard, In Dulce Jublio Playing as bed music while people speak, Finish with Slade.

Open with Noddy Holders “IT’S CHRISTMAS shout then play snippet of “Merry Xmas Everybody” by Slade.

Sam starts speaking and says the following:

“Ah Christmas what a wonderful time of year and where better to spend it than at Edinburgh’s Christmas in Princes Street Gardens.”

“We asked Councillor Steve Cardownie about the history of Edinburgh’s Christmas”

Play Councillors audio

(any other inserts from Councillor)

Play snippet of I wish it could be Christmas everyday By Wizzard

Sam “of course there are people who are working during Edinburgh’s Christmas  Sue Bruce tells us how she feels about it being her first Edinburgh’s Christmas as Edinburgh Council Chief Executive and also what her hopes are for the event.”

Play insert of Sue Bruce “well first of all-

“more needy than ourselves”

Sam “well that was the official side of it all but what about the public what do they think and indeed like about Edinburgh’s Christmas”?

Play voxpops insert “ it’s so Christmassy” – “Merry Christmas”

Sam “So now you know about it where do you find more information Duncan Fisher from Porter Novelli tells us”

Play Insert of Duncan –“and check out”

Sam “so there you have it edinburgh’s Christmas a great place to be we leave you with Councillor Cardownie’s vision for the future of the event”

Play Councillor insert

Play “look to the future now it’s only just begun” by Slade from Merry Xmas Everyone

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