so last night (24th November) i was in Princes Street Gardens for the opening of Edinburgh’s Christmas i wandered about for 2 hours getting folk to talk to me about the event, i got some great audio and actuality so i have a lot to work with however a lot was lost due to the very high winds that occoured last night.

a lot of people were very willing to talk to me so much so that by the time i was finished i had filled up the memory card in the zoom mic which was empty at the beginning of the night, i checked the mic was in full working order and batteries were charged i also had spare batteries for the zoom mic just in case.

i got some great audio but also a lot of audio was wasted as it was very windy and this could be heard on a lot of recordings fortunatly none of the great audio was spoiled by this. i got some great background sounds as well laughing, screaming, folk chatting and music from the fair etc. i had to learn pretty quickly when to use the gain on Low, Medium and High as different parts of the event called for different mic levels.

i also leaned that you can never get too much audio and that you should always tey and get different people to say the same things sometimes as some people say things better then others.

unfortunatly this was not the case for my camera i climbed the 285 steps to the top of the Scott Monument took 2 pictures and then realised the batteries had run out in my camera and that the spare batteries were down in the office at the bottom serves me right for not checking.

anyway a great night was had by me and i have begun editing and know what i want to use.


One thought on “Voxpops

  1. And how did the audio sound with the actuality? How was it interviewing outside? tell us the success/failures and what did you learn.

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