Interview with Councillor Cardownie.

Well i finally got ther interview i was after with Edinburgh Councillor Steve Cardownie. to let you understand Councillor Cardownie has been and still can be a controversial figure in the Edinburgh political scene and has recevied a lot of bad press over the many many years he has beenn a councillor, however on firstly speaking  to him and then interviewing him he was very nice  polite and engaging with me and i really enjoyed speaking to him.

i got a very good interview from him and got fantastic audio i wish i could use it all but i can’t, however i may use it for a proper broadcastable interview on one of my shows in the run up to Christmas.

i started off asking Councillor Cardownie about the history of the event and i am using the answer to this question as part of my package as i think it important to know the origins of the event.

there were more questions i asked and each of them answered by Councillor Cardownie no problem.

the final question i asked the Councillor was regarding how he would like t see the future of this event go i have to say his answers to this question had me nodding my head very much as some of the comments he made were outstanding, things like closing off Prince’s Street for the duration of Edinburgh’s Christmas and having things going on all along the street i find that to be a great and exciting idea.

This interview has been the best one i have done no disrespect to anyone else i have interviewed but this one left me very very happy that  i pursued the Councillor for the interview.

I interviewed the Councillor in his office at the City Chambers on The Royal Mile in Edinburgh it was a very relaxed atmosphere and the Councillor was very relaxed and seemed very happy to be interviewed about the subject at hand.


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