Councillor Cardownie Interview Logging Sheet….

This is the logging sheet for ther interview with Councillor Cardownie i did not use much of the audio due to time restraints on the package i would have used the whole interview if given the chance.

Logging Sheet Digital Audio Editing

Name: Councillor Steve Cardownie               Subject:_Edinburgh’s Christmas                                  Assessment No:_____________

Start Time

End Time

Track ID

Content:   In and Out


0.00 0.09 Just re-iterating subject matter   to Councillor Cardownie Nothing of use here
0.09 0.22  First Question on history of event
0.22 1.49 Councillior’s Answer Some great answers within this   that will be used Councillor speaks about Hogmany event which will be left out.
1.49 12.12 2nd question to question 7 Nothing being used here for   package
12.13 14.17 Last question “what would you   like for the future”? Some great stuff in here with   regards to closing Princes Street for the duration of Edinburgh’s Christmas   and having events all along the street. This end answer will be the finish of   the package.

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