Ok not much done

not done much blogging for a while lifes been mad however i am very very close to finishing my package i am wayyyy behind where i wanted to be on it but i am hoping i am there i just need my tutor to listen to it again hopefully on Monday,

2 thoughts on “Ok not much done

  1. So waht we are looking for here is how you feel your package sounds and what are your judgements and reasoning for the way it sounds? Lets us see your reasoning and we can mark it and i know there was alot of thought went on to it, each aspect of it however for the SQA they need to be able to see it as well.

  2. i feel my package sounds very good good audio good bed music good voxpops all relevant to what i was trying to do.

    i was looking for my package to be entertaining but also informative which i think it done, i was very happy with the choice of Councillor Cardownie and Duncan Fisher for my interviewees.

    i thought that the vox pops had a good authenticity and real sound to it in the background of the voices,.

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