Ok so i have had to cut Sue Bruce’s audio out of the package i am a bit disappointed about having to do that as i think it was a good bit of audio.

But i have managed to fit the very last bit of audio i got from Councillor Steve Cardownie on what he would like for the future of the event as it is a great vision and piece of audio.

I am very happy with all the work i have done on this and i have worked very very hard on this trying to make it as radio friendly as possible and hope that others who hear it will like it, i understand that Christmas is over and that the package is now kinda out of date but i am chuffed with it nonetheless. Standing in Princes Street Gardens for a few hours in the wind and rain to get the audio for the vox pops was worth it.

Anyways i hope i have done enough to finish it off.

2 thoughts on “Package…..

  1. So why have you had to cut her audio and why her audio and not another piece of audio?
    don’t worry about it being out of date, it will be judged and marks as a piece on its own right. Certainly the amount of work someone puts into a package really does show and yours is a fine case in point.
    For the sqa marking side we just want to see more of your thinking process and the justification for your actions. Your judgements are sound but at the minute only you and I know them, for an outside marker they would need to know them as well.

  2. The audio was cut because it was deemed irellevant for what i was trying to convey in the package, looking back i would not have had Sue after all as the listeners probably would not be too interested that it was her first Edinburghs Christmas etc etc so the decision was made to cut her out. it was a pity that Jaqui from She’s gott it did not get back to me after agreeing to do an interview with me i contacted her several times via phone calls and emails but i could not get a definitive date from her. for the next package i need to write up a good list of people to interview i would say at least 6-8 if possible so that i have plenty to work with instead of just sticking to the required amount.

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