Tomorrow i have an interview for a new job and if i am offered the position i will take it which means leaving the course but now i feel real clarity that i don’t really want to be there anymore i could easily leave right now to be honest and go back to full time work but if i get this job i will definatly leave the course,

although as far as i am concerned i have worked really hard on all the stuff i have done even though a few folk on the course seeked me out to help them i still managed to get my stuff done and although i enjoy helping some of the folk on the course i think i need to start to distance myself from them all as i have realised that although a few are grateful for any help i give when i am asked for i have now realised that others are happy enough to use me to get stuff like music or help with other stuff but are actually quite ungrateful and quite horrible towards me so i need to just get on with my own work and let folk get on with finding music and other stuff for themselves,.

i know it sounds quite wimpy and soft but it is how i feel about it all now and i am really not looking forward to the rest of this course if truth be told.

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  1. Well I would be a lier if part of me did not want you to get the job as you have been a fine student and I think the rest of the course would have been of immense help to you.
    I think you need to be able to not take so much on with the rest of the group. they can always ask myself or Daniel for help and you should feel that you have to do so much. you are a student just like everyone else and are perfectly entitled to say that you are busy and they are other people who can help.
    There is always going to be a group dynamic in the course just as they is in real life and indeed it can be much larger and harder in the media world and part of the learning curve is how to handle that. And sometimes that handling means having to say no to people. it can be difficult I know it as I am guilty of saying yes to a lot of people but I have had to learn to say no because it was impacting upon my own work and well being.
    I certainly feel you should finish the course however I also realise you have a family and there are other considerations to consider but I would hope that you would stay on.

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