Package Show Done

So today was the 30 minute show of packages for myself and 4 other members of the course it seemed to go well i believe the feedback was positive from the course tutor but and it is a huge but i felt really uncomfortable in the room and for the first time i really did not enjoy doing a recording.

i have done quite a few radio shows some voiceovers and trails, interviews and other stuff but i felt really uneasy and uncomfortable today and could not wait to get out of the room and the college today.


One thought on “Package Show Done

  1. Sometimes doing a timed live show with a lot of action happening and alot of it oout of your control can be a very strange experience. Luckily enough experience will lessen that effect alot. the good thing is your group seemed prepared and ready to go and it did all go off with out a hitch.
    This is all the big learning curve for everyone but the great thing is that it gets easier with every show you do.

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