So the new package etc….

So we now know what we need to do for our summative graded unit, and if i am honest i am pretty chuffed with the group i am with Stephie Jean Lewis & Maria. we sat and chatted about what our 1 hour programme should be about and it all seemed to settle on health i.e. smoking, drinking, cancer, healthy eating and drugs.

Most of this as i understand it will revolve around students and that is fine i do not mind that at all even though i am considerably older than the rest of the group. i have said i would deal with the subject of smoking i smoked for many many years but gave it up just over a year ago so i know how hard it is to do so but i also know about the benefits, but i do not want to do anything that may make people think that i am one of these people who have stopped smoking but look down on others who still smoke as that is a pet hate of mine.

one of the first things i think we need to do as a group is decide on a “team leader” someone who will take the responsibility of making sure things like meetings happen and also to keep on top of things like people getting the work done etc. we will get together soon to discuss all of our ideas and then get going on it.

my thought process so far is to make up a list of people/organisationsto talk to Health experts, ASH (anti-smoking campaigners) FORREST (pro-smoking) maybe a member of the Scottish Parliament as they have made the no-smoking and no advertising laws. i would also hope to speak to smokers, non-smokers and former smokers to get a good cross section of folk for this.

One thought on “So the new package etc….

  1. Glad to see you have decided to stay with it & finish the course Barry. Hope all goes well with this new package and the group you are working with. Good Luck with everything mate 🙂

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