First Minutes from meeting about Graded Unit.

As sent to Jean, Lewis, Steph and Maria. By Me

HNC Creative Industries Radio Broadcasting.

Graded Unit                DM2P 34

Creative Project         DM0W 34

Meeting 1         07/02/12

Location R107 Edinburgh’s Telford College

Agenda:          Discuss Program Theme and style

Discuss individual Package ideas

Decide roles

Minutes of meeting 28/02/08 room R306 Edinburgh’s Telford College 1300 hours

Present: Jean Beattie, Lewis Jones, Maria McMillan, Stephanie Drake and Barry Dickson

Discuss Program Theme and style

Contents of discussion

Edinburgh culture





Digital Media

International News


Free Speech


Discuss individual Package ideas

Contents of discussion

A discussion of what our thoughts were on the ideas forwarded.

Decide roles

Contents of discussion

No roles issued as of yet this should happen at our next meeting.

However an overall “team leader” should be appointed and an agreement in place for one person to oversee all of this.?

Action Points

Arrange next meeting

Designate roles

Start Organising


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