Quick Update

i have emailed the minutes from our first “group” meeting Jean, maria, Steph,Lewis and myself have all been teamed together for the summative graded unit.

i have had replies from Jean Beattie and Steph Drake to say they had got the minutes which is cool.

i am hoping we can sort this all out when we are back at college next week as we need to firmly decide what we are all doing for our individual packages, also i think we need to appoint a “team leader” or such likes to just keep on top of everything i will however not put myself forward for this role as i have decided that as much as i like some of the folk in class i need to “look after number 1” for this graded unit as i do not wish to be left as i was with the last package and having it finished 2 weeks before it was due and time was wasted hanging about for those who were well behind played catch up so i am looking to be taking a step back from helping others so much for the following reasons:

1. i am there to learn just the same as everyone else i am not the tutor and as much as i like helping people i need to concentrate on myself.

2. some of the folk that i helped out and have been helping out are actually quite ungrateful at times and can be quite horrible at times and some make no effort to get the work done or leave it to the last minute and it ends up a mess.

3. not only do i have college but i have family and work as well so i reckon i’ll need all the college time for me and me alone and while i will have input into the group i am in i am hoping to take a back step from everyone for the rest of the course as i want to pass this course.

i am still thinking of doing a package on smoking but not some kind of anti-smoking crusade more of a level playing field type of thing so hopefully when we get back to College next week we can sort everything out so that i can start straight away.

i am hoping to get my other 2 radio presentation outcomes done in the next fortnight too.

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