Initial thoughts

After the initial couple of classes with regards to the summative package it’s a lot clearer just how much work will need to be done to get this package done and the timescale that it needs to be done in is actually scarily close.

Yesterday’s group meeting was ok although we were missing a member of the team we got through the meeting covering a few things.

I ruled myself out of being the “group leader” which I believe is needed for one person to oversee everything and to make sure that as a group we are functioning the way we should be and that everyone is doing what they have said they would.

I know a couple of the group are worried and I hope after a bit of time to think they have settled and are ok now, but they do know if they need to chat they can email, text or phone me for a chat I have no problem in doing that, but this time around I am hoping that folk will not turn to me for help as much as they did in the formative package exercise.

Out of all the group I am actually looking forward to working with (no offence to the rest) Jean Beattie is the main one on this as Jean is a bit of a perfectionist (in my humble opinion) and that can rub off on people in a positive way.


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