Minutes from last meeting

Posted below are the minutes from this weeks meeting Jean Beattie took the minutes for this as we have to take a turn at doing the minutes.


Present: Maria, Barry, Lewis and Jean.    Absent: Steph.
Location: A107
Date: 22/02/2012
Time: 12.30pm – 1.00pm

Discuss Program
We elected Maria as our team leader.
We decided that our program theme is Health.
We decided that our program station will be Radio 1’s “Sunday Surgery”.
We also decided what areas of health we would do for our individual packages. Lewis – drugs, Barry – smoking,  Maria – alcohol, Jean – cancer in teenagers, Steph – pending.

Discuss Individual Package Ideas
Before next meeting we will decide what angle we will have on our packages and how it relates to students.

Action Points
Update blog, email out minutes, basic research, a reason for why you’re doing the package you have chosen and to find out about Steph and her current thoughts and ideas.

Schedule Next Meeting
Monday 27th from 12.30/12.45pm

Next Minutes

Productivity of Meeting
We had a good meeting and decided on a lot of things, the only problem is we need to know what Steph is doing for her package idea.


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