So we have our group to work with for the Summative “Package” and i have some concerns.

1. The topic may be a bit dry

2. I know i can trust one person in the group to get the work done on time and be readyfor the 1 hour show and hopefully i am the same however some people in the group are behind on work that should have been finished ages ago and i am concerned that this will catch up on them and they will not have done the work needed to do thier “Package” maybe others think that of me i do not know.

3. Timescales are a bit mad i have a job and a family so time is preious to me at the moment add to this that my mum is lying in hospital ill i am hoping there are no more distractions along theway for this “Package” as this is the graded one.

So i think i need to start thinking about other groups packages to see what would fit into out catagory, i do not think any from the group Allan Martin and James Walker are in will be useful as i beleive they are doing thiers on music however i will have a chat with Allan about it.

Now is the time to prepare for the possibility of folk not finishing their work on time and i will have a chat with the person i trust in our group on Monday (hopefully)


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