Analysing The Brief

So this is what i have to do……Lots of coffee required i think.

DM2P 34
The Graded unit will be integrated with the work undertaken in the Creative project. The part integrated with the Graded unit will be an individual piece of work based on a team activity.
For this project you must produce a 6-8 minute package that is to then be placed in to an hour long magazine type radio program.
Summative assessment
6-8  minute radio package and Hour long magazine program.
  • You will be split into groups for this assessment.
  • As a group you must decided what radio station and at what time you plan for your show to be broadcast on.
  • You must then plan and research a suitable package to produce.  This package must suit the time limit, time of broadcast and radio station.
  • You will then have to pitch the idea to your executive producer (your tutor).
  • You are to produce that radio package once agreed upon with your executive producer.
  • The package is to be 6-8 minutes long, no more but then again no less.  The Magazine program is to be 1 hour long no more no less.
  • There is a minimum of 3 interviews. This is excluding Vox Pops.
  • Music can be used, however even if the package is music based only short extracts can be used.
  • Format should be presenter based.
  • Research needs to be done on the topic and all research to be shown to the tutor at the end of the assessment; this can be in the form of your blog.
  • All audio captured to be checked with your tutor before inclusion in the package.
  • A script is to be produced including all ins and outs and required timings and all presenter links in full.
  • A live guest has to feature in the hour long program.
You are to edit all captured audio in to inserts which will then be mixed live into a live recording with the presenter.  This will be done in the studio using the studio room, control room and M-box 1 and M-box 2 and the Yamaha 1000 desk.
For the Hour long program
  • Each of the group members individual packages will form the bulk of the program.
  • The program is to be broadcast from the self-drive studio.
  • The program must start and end at the designated times.
  • Each person will introduce their package whilst another member of the group works the desk for them.  You will have to work out the order and who helps whom as part of your group work.
  • You will also have to work out the running order and if any music/jingles are to be played.
  • All levels are to be competent and recording up to broadcast standard.
  • The program is be recorded on audacity and handed in as a wav file format.
  • A back up is to be recorded on to mini-disc.

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