Brief Analysis

i have just finished my Analyisis of the Brief for my Summative Package and i hope it’s good enough.

Analysis of Brief for Summative Package

Content: The 1 hour show I will be involved in will be about a specific subject and as a group we need to decide what that subject will be, also we need to decide on what our individual packages will be.

I am looking for my own package to have at least 3 interviews, music and any special effects needed also the timings of it all. I also need to think of other things like Health and Safety, Costing’s, Legalities, Ethics, Planning and what equipment I may need to use.  Also a producer and editing and presenter needs to be taken into consideration not only for my own “package” but for the 1 hour show as a whole.

Radio Station:

As a group we need to agree on a radio station to broadcast on and at what time, as a group we need to find out the following:

Stations Target Audience:

This is who the radio station wants to listen to them. There are a multitude of things to take into consideration when trying to find the target audience out obviously the easiest way would be to go to the Radio Stations website and there you should find exactly what the target audience is for that radio station.

Other things that I/we need to take into consideration are:

Age: How old/young of an audience you want to aim the “Package” at.

Area: What geographical areas are you aiming it at it could be local or nationwide?

Gender: Do you want to aim your package at a specific sex?

Interests: try and think what interests the audience you want listening in have and try to implement that into the “package”

Magazines read: what publications your audience may read these publications may help in your research

TV shows: what programmes may your target audience watch again this can help with research?

Living situations: Do you want to target couples??….Families???…Single people???

Social life: What do you think your target audience do for leisure, relaxation etc. etc. again this could help your research into the subject you decide to do.

Technology levels: How technically efficient would you think your target audience be??




Group Workings:

As the group is evolving we will all pitch our ideas to each other and give/receive feedback on each other

I believe we should have a “Team Leader” who will oversee everything things like updates on how everyone is getting on with their work; do they have their interviews lined up? do they have music lined up if they  are using music?? Etc. etc.

I would hope that at least once a week the group will be meeting up to discuss progress/issues etc. etc. and each week a different person will be taking the minutes and hopefully the “Team Leader” would be leading the meetings.

What do we I/we want out of doing this i.e. do we want to raise awareness or get a message across or do we simply just want to get the grade that we want?

How will our show come together, who will lead, who will produce, what music we will use who our studio guest will be we all need to come together as a team and decide and indeed agree to all of this so that we are all “singing from the same hymn sheet” and also so that everyone knows what their role within the team and indeed the 1 hour show is.

When we record the 1 hour show we need to remember not only is it to be recorded onto Audacity as a wav. File but a backup is to be recorded on to mini-disc this is very important incase something goes wrong while recording to Audacity as this will give us a secondary recording.

The requirements would ideally be decently paced not too fast so that any information is not lost but not too slow that the listener would get bored.


While the planning stage is in its infancy at the moment I am already thinking of people I would like to interview and of course the subject matter, as well as the music I would like to use however if it is for say Radio 1 I would be unable to use a song such as “smoke gets in your eyes” as this is not a tune that Radio 1 would play so I need to think about what songs would be on which radio stations playlists etc.

Also I need to think about the planning as a group thing and not just for my own work so I need to think about what Ideas I can bring to the table for the group and for the 1 hour show.

We do need to prepare for the fact that not everyone may get their “package” done on time for whatever reason so we need to be aware of this and come up with a reserve package/packages from the other groups just incase.

I need to do a “pitch” for my package and once I have decided on what my “package” will be about I can then plan my powerpoint for my pitch.

I plan to get as much done as possible before the end of March I hope to have the interviews I need done, the editing, presenting and music all done by then so that I have time to tidy everything up if needed so in order to do this I need to make a “timeline” and set myself deadlines and try my best to keep to them.

I need to make my targets realistic and reachable and not try and be too outlandish on who I would like to speak to I need to plan back up’s incase someone calls off from me interviewing them so maybe if I can get say 5 interviews done then I will have 3 to use and 2 as back up’s incase something does not fit as a whole in one of the others.

As soon as it is decided what I am going to do for my “package” I will start researching the subject straight away and also think of possible candidates for interviewing, also where I would like to interview people because if I interview someone about an outdoor kind of subject then I would like at least one interview to be conducted outdoor and vice versa for indoor subjects.

Also planning for any music and/or Sound effects I may decide to use so that I know that it will fit with the subject and it is appropriate to what I am doing.


All equipment needed for this are:

Recording device (zoom mic and/or reporters pack)

Extra Batteries for recording devices just incase.

Computing equipment/Laptop


Pro-tools (for editing, adding music/sound effects)

Paper/Notepad and Pens

Other things to be taken into consideration include:

Health and Safety:

Is any equipment you are going to use working properly and safe to use?

Would it be an idea to take someone along to an interview with you especially if it is taking place at night-time

Routeplanning what is the best and safest way to any interviews you are doing be it inside or outside





I need to take into consideration costings for all  of this if it were foor a real radio station so I need to think about how much expenditure I would need for the following:

  • Travel
  • Equipment
  • Recording Studio
  • Hire someone to do the presenting/voiceovers
  • Engineer (if one is not part of the studio hire)


I will ensure all work that is to be broadcast is within Ofcoms standards.

I will always check the facts before making any comment/broadcast

If the “package” is to be broadcast on BBC radio then I need to follow their guidelines as well.

I have to make sure that I ask anyone I interview if they are ok with their voice being used on air.


I need to make sure that I am impartial for my package and not to take one side or the other.

I need to make sure that all sides of any story are represented.

I need to make sure I am fair and unbiased.

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