Interview Agreed 2

I have had someone else agree to do an interview with me.

one of the things i want to look at in the  “package” is an alternative way of getting help to stop smoking and what i am going to look at is Hypnotherapy.

The interviewee is a qualified hypnotherapist and offers stop smoking sessions but what i want to know is once the person has stopped smoking what “aftercare” is given or is it a case of the person has stopped smoking so that’s as far as the hypnotherapy goes or is there follow up sessions/suppoert given.

i have always been cynical about hypnotism/hypnotherapy but the person i will interview done a few simple techniques on me and they worked enough to make me think again about the practice.

the interviewee has a website and facebook page and these are:



i am hoping to get the interview done sometime  next week i feel if i can get  my first 2 interviews done then that will giove me the motovation to get everything else done.

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