Pitch Day


So today was pitch day where we pitched our idea to our tutor for our summative graded unit.

i had the pleasure (or displeasure…lol) of going first i pitched my idea on smoking what happens when you stop smoking the problems you may encounter and how to maybe get the support and help to overcome any problems/issues you may have.

i had 28 slides explaining everything i was going to do who i was hoping to interview and where i was going to get information, i think it went ok but i maybe put it across more as a “stop smoking” exercise as opposed to what i really want to do which is talk about the effects/illnesses etc that stopping smoking brings so i will endeavour to make sure that i get this all across in my “package”.

i have already secured 2 interviews (there is to be a minimum of 3) and i have contacted a smoking cessation group, ash scotland and my local surgery to try and secure the interviews i need i hope to have them all secured by this coming Monday.

My next step is to interview the 2 people who agreed to be interviewed which i will do in seperate blogs.


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