Minutes from Meeting 2

Minutes from further team meeting held on Monday 12th March 2012

Creative ProjectDM0W 34


Location R107 Edinburgh’s Telford College

Agenda:Discuss how everyone was doing with their packages

                        Package research


                        General chit chat

Minutes of meeting 12/03/12 room Radio Studio Edinburgh’s Telford College 1300 hours

Present: Jean Beattie, Lewis Jones, Maria McMillan, and Barry Dickson.

Lewis – Getting up to date with work still got to finish Gant chart, Brief and finish powerpoint for pitch. (No star)

Barry – Up to date. Gant chart done. Powerpoint done. Interviews started and much more. (Gold Star*)

Jean – Nearly up to date. Timeline done. Powerpoint done. Research done. Interviews planned. (Silver Star*)

Maria – Nearly up to date. Interviews planned. Timeline done? Powerpoint nearly finished. (Bronze Star*)

The meeting went well. Everyone discussed everything they needed to discuss. This pleased me as my group was happy. Pitches where all nearly finished and finished by some Gold Star students. Silver and bronze pick up your game! Lewis will have a star soon. Don’t feel this is looking very professional so I apologise. Over all we are all doing well and need to be prepared for the weeks to come good luck with your research and planning. I will be looking forward to taking the next meeting.

Action Points

Do pitch.

Discuss Pitch.

Talk about how we did.

Plan next meeting.

Jean and Maria stop talking so much.

Thank you



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