Minutes From Meeting.

Here are the minutes from the group meeting held on Tuesday 13th March


Present: Maria, Lewis, Barry and Jean     Absent: Steph
Location: 3rd Floor, Radio Studio
Date: 13th March 2012
Time: 1.45pm2pm

How did our pitches do?
We asked how everyone felt their pitches went. Maria and Lewis thought there’s were crap however Jean felt hers went not too bad, although she talked too much she thought.
Lewis was unsure if he was going to change the title of his.

Are you comfortable with your packages?
Barry asked if everyone was comfortable with their packages? (I.e. researching, contacting, etc). And we were. Lewis was unsure what to put in his blog, but Barry said everything and anything and Jean gave him a list of things needed to be done in the first part.

Any other things to be brought up?
Lewis was unsure about timestamps, when to blog about things. On the day or a couple days later, we assured him anytime as long as it was in there.

Schedule Next Meeting
Next Monday, 19th March, sometime after 2.15pm

Action Points
We all need to blog everything and anything. We emphasized the point of group working and contacting possible interviewees.


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