Pitch for Interview

My pitch for my interview is as follows.

Interview with Alex Arthur on 6th March 2012 at 9.30am at Edinburgh’s Telford College Radio Suite.


I intend to interview Former World Boxing Champion Alex Arthur for the following reasons:

1. He is not only fighting again but is now getting into boxing promoting,

2. He is holding show here in Edinburgh at Meadowbank Sports Centre on 14th April

3. It is the first time Edinburgh fighter Craig McEwan is fighting in his home country as he is based in America after leaving Edinburgh.

I think this interview would work because it is of local interest and will hav details of an upcoming event.

This will be a studio interview at Telfords College and will be about Alex, His Event and what he plans for the future.

I have asked Robyn Cooper if she can do the mixing desk etc for me and she has agreed.

Her is the introduction and questions i will be using:

Scotland has seen many boxing champions Tancy Lee, Benny Lynch, Ken Buchanan and Jim Watt with me today is a boxer who has been British, European and world champion and won Gold at the Commonwealth games in 1998 he is of course Edinburgh’s very own  Alex Arthur.

Alex Welcome.

  1. So for those who do not know Alex Arthur tells us about yourself.
  2. When and indeed why did you start boxing?
  3. Typical training day for you
  4. Fight Day any certain routines?
  5. You are back with trainer Peter Harrison how is that working out for you now?
  6. You  are now in promotions how did that come about?
  7. Your up and coming show at Meadowbank on 14th April who are you up against and who else is on the bill?
  8. Ambitions for the near future

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