Justification for my package idea.

As soon as we were put into our groups and health was picked as the subject i wanted to do smoking as my topic straight away i did not want to do the normal Anti/Pro smoking subject or even how the smoking ban has affected things discussion as it has been done before.

i decided to go for what hapens wen you stop smoking the reason being i have given up smoking since January 2011 and so did my wife i was fine i did not use any patches or any other kind of assistance to stop but i did eat a lot of sweets and stuff and put on some weight. My wife however had major problems she ended up in hospital and on steroids and ended up being on 13 tablets per day and other things.

i felt this would be a good subject to cover as when people get advised about smoking it is always the “it will do you good” and although my wifes condition is not as bad as cancer or any other diseases you can die from she still went through and indeed still is going through a very bad time.

i want to go down the line of when you stop smoking you may have problems/issues but you can get help and get through most of it and come out the other side.

I did not have any other ideas for this “package” as i knew as soon as the group decided what the overall subject was that i wanted to do this subject i know i may not get as many marks on my written work because there are no rejected ideas or anything but if truth be told i did not have any other ideas this was the one that jumped out straight away.


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