Other Justification for my interviews.

i have chosen the following with the hope that i can interview them for my package i have 2 interviews already i just need to nail down a day and time for the both of them as one of them is my wife that can be done at home, the other one with the Hypnotherapist can be done pretty much anytime as well as the person works in the same department as myself and has agreed to do the interview during a lunch-hour if need be.

Doctor or Medical expert

i had stated i hoped to speak to a doctor and i have contacted our family doctor who can hopefully give me medical backgrounds on possible effects when stopping smoking i have contacted the doctors secretary and i am awaiting a response.

ASH Scotland

i have also emailed ASH Scotland as i think they would give a good insight into stopping as a whole and this would be the final part of my package the “get help” part and i think they would be ideal for that part again i am awaiting a response from them.

i am supposed to have a minimum of 3 interviews but i would rather have more for the package as it is 6-8 minutes and the more audio the better i would think.


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