Interview 1

i have got my first interview at 2pm on Monday 19th March.

i am interviewing Dr Roy Robertson who is not only my wife and familys doctor he is also head of the Muirhouse Medical Group.

Dr Robertson not only helped my wife when she fell very ill but also treated me and helped me through a very  dark time in my life in 2011 he  is very well respected by patients and colleagues and has been at the surgery for as long as my 42 year old brain can remember.

Here are some links about Dr Robertson:

This is one with some published work he has done.

A Biography of Dr Robertson

I feel he is an ideal canditate to interview as he has treated my wife for her conditiomn and he will give me an insight into what kind of problems/insight people can encounter when giving up smoking.

i am hoping for at least 5 minutes of good audio to work with 10 if possible so that when i am editing it i know exactly what i want to use in the “package”.

These are the questions i will ask Dr Robertson but i will be mindful of looking for other questions to ask from the ones he answers. i will need a voice recorder (zoom mic) and i need to check it is fully charged, that it is working properly and that there is plenty space on the memory card. i will also have to be mindful that Dr Robertson is a quietly spoken gentleman and i need to ensure i set my levels properly so that i have good volume on Dr Robertsons voice.

Questions For Dr Robertson

  1. Could you please introduce yourself and where you practise?
  2. Everyone knows that stopping smoking can be good for you in the long term but what issues/problems can people encounter in the short term after stopping especially long term, smokers?
  3. One of the biggest issues that I have seen for myself is exacerbation of the condition ulcerative colitis when someone stops smoking, after some research I have found some studies that say this is the case is this something you are familiar with?
  4. What other symptoms do people have issues with when they give up smoking?
  5. What help/guidance/support can you/do you as a G.P give to people who want to quit but are worried about stopping?
  6. What advice would you give to someone who is contemplating giving up smoking?

Hopefully i can get the answers i am looking for and that Dr Robertson can give me the audio i need.


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