Christine McLaughlin is the Hypnotherapist that has agreed to chat with me this is Christine’s Bio.

I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist based in Haddington East Lothian. I am listed on the General Hypnotherapy Register.
Hypnosis from the Greek word “to sleep” however, in reality the experience is very far removed from the sleep we know. To experience hypnosis is like a deep relaxation or meditation and you are aware of everything that is going on around you.
to “trance” form the way you live your life!
I can help you with giving up smoking, losing weight, gaining confidence, overcoming insomnia, sports performance, stop worrying, pain management, hypno healing.
Christine has her own website and facebook page which i can provide upon request.
i know Christine Personally as we work together in the Museaums and Galleries with Edinburgh Council.
I did not email Christine i had a face to face conversation in which i asked Christine if she would be willing to be interviewed as part of my Graded Unit and thankfully she agreed and i am meeting with Christine on Wednesday 28th March at 10am at The City Art Centre in Edinburgh.

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