i have quite a few concerns regarding this summative graded unit.

1. Maria, Steph and Lewis are missing today and today is the day that the pre-production hand in is due which is worrying for the whole group thing as if they fail this then they need to start right from the beginning pitch, idea etc etc.

2. if the above happens then i reckon the 1 hour show is in danger as we need at least 5 “packages” for the show, however between Jean Beattie and myself we have sourced at least 2 other “packages” from another group Andi lyon’s and Robyn Cooper’s that would tie in with our show and if push came to shove we could have 2 live studio guests as opposed to just one.

3. i am concerned that i may have not done enough pre-production work if i have not then i will be very disappointed in myself as i feel i have done a lot of work on this.

4. Because we are coming up to the Easter break i am concerned that work may not be done by me however i will have to ensure i keep myself focused on this.


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