Interview with Smoking Cessation Person.

i had my first interview for my Summative Graded Unit “package” today.

i interviewed a lady who runs a smoking cessation group she has asked me not to include her name in my blogs, written work or recordings and i have agreed to this.

These are the questions i asked;

1. What exactly is a smoking cessation group.

2. How long does an average session last and is there a limit to how many sessions there can be for a person.

3. Is there a lot of relapses and if so what aftercare is offered by smoking cessation workers?

4. what illnesses/issues can smokers suffer from after giving up smoking that you are aware of?

5. what would your advice be to anyone considering /wanting to give up smoking?

These questions were answered very well and i got great audio from the lady and some if it will  fit well into my “package”.

Before i went to the building i ensured i knew exactly where i was going so that i would not be late i arrived in plenty of time. Aso i checked  that where i was recording was a safe environment to do so.

I checked the equipment i was using to ensure it was all in full working order i took spare batteries with me just in case.

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