Second Interview Done

I had my second interview today with Dr Roy Robertson who has bween our family doctor for many years he is a leading G.P in Edinburgh. Here is Dr Robertson’s Bio:

Roy Robertson Edinburgh graduate (1975) and full time GP in Edinburgh since 1980. Senior Lecturer in the Department of Community Health Sciences at Edinburgh University since 1990 and Reader since 2004.   I have been interested in illegal drug use and its medical consequences for over 25 years. During this time I have been involved with many projects and publications on various related topics and have coordinated treatment for a large caseload of injectors and their families. Research finding have included significant HIV data including heterosexual transmission studies, deaths in drug users, hepatitis C prevalence and sexual transmission studies and treatment trials. Current research is funded by the CSO and involves a long term follow up of 800 patient with past drug use. I was a member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs for 10 years and Chairman of a Home Office Shipman committee for 3 years. Interests in Asian epidemics of HIV in injecting drug users is of current interest as is the damaging effects of cannabis.

I got great audio from Dr Robertson and he was great to interview.

Here were the questions i asked.

  1. Could you please introduce yourself and where you practise?
  2. Everyone knows that stopping smoking can be good for you in the long term but what issues/problems can people encounter in the short term after stopping especially long term, smokers?
  3. One of the biggest issues that I have seen for myself is exacerbation of the condition ulcerative colitis when someone stops smoking, after some research I have found some studies that say this is the case is this something you are familiar with?
  4. What other symptoms do people have issues with when they give up smoking?
  5. What help/guidance/support can you/do you as a G.P give to people who want to quit but are worried about stopping?
  6. What advice would you give to someone who is contemplating giving up smoking?

Dr Robertson gave me great answers and a lot to work with it’s a pity that i can’t use all the audio i got from him as i think everything he said was very valid for the subject matter i really enjoyed speaking to him.

Dr Robertson was a valid person to interview for this as he deals with my wife and her condition, he also helped me a great deal when i was suffering from depression and anxiety last year and i knew straightaway that his knowledge would be of great importance to this “package”


I checked the equipment i was using to ensure it was all in full working order i took spare batteries with me just in case.

i ensured that  got to the Doctors Surgerry in plenty of time, i read over the questions again while waiting for Dr Robertson.

i made sure that the interview was conducted in a safe environment.


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