Team Meeting Minutes 27th March 2012

This is the minutes from a team meeting Jean, Steph and Myself had today.



Date: 27th March
Time: 12.00 – 12.30
Present: Jean, Steph and Barry                     Absent: Maria and Lewis


We all raised concerns that out group would not be ready for the pre-production work that was due in today as only 2 of us were actually in today.

Discuss Individual Packages
Barry – Barry has two interviews today and one tomorrow. He is planning another one and wants to organize at least 2 more. He is going to use the 2 weeks of the Easter holidays to edit.
Steph – She has basic research and has secured one interview, during the holidays.
Jean – Jean has been emailing interviewees and been preparing questions. She has two interviewees set up for after Easter and wants to contact her local GP for a quick interview.


To Do After Easter

Barry – He hopes all to have all his interviews edited and ready to put into Pro Tools after the holidays.

Steph – Steph hopes to have her one planned interview done and her vox pop done. And then to plan all her other interviews.
Jean – Jean hopes to have at least planned a vox pop and to have her GP recorded.

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